labrador retriever FCI

Miles From Nowhere Labrador Retriever Kennel SKK FCI is located in southern Sweden, 8 miles from Goteborg at the small village called Eling. Our kennel is registered with Svenska Kennelklubben FCI and it is the fulfillment of our dreams and the culmination of the work we have put in so that the kennel could arise and hopefully thrive all the time.

Our bitches have been thoroughly tested and are free from any genetic diseases typical for the breed, and they also have healthy legs, eyes and hearts. Our purpose is to breed good, healthy dogs, with sound temperaments.

We live in a fantastic place among woods and meadows. Our dogs go for long walks every day, swim in the spring and summer season, we train them as often as possible, they live with us at home and are full members of our family. Our puppies grow up in our home and garden in the middle of our daily routine. We do care about proper socialization, as we believe our effort will affect the whole life of both the puppy and you - its new owner.

If you want to buy a puppy from us, be prepared that we will have to get to know each other well, meet face to face and decide together whether our puppy should be your friend for life.

Each puppy that leaves our kennel has a beginning of vaccination and complete health certificate from our veterinarian, confirmation of registration in SKK and lots of important info for the new dog buyers.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our dogs or our future breeding plans.

Joanna & Daniel Miles From Nowhere SKK FCI